Our process is simple.
Right from the first moment, our team is here to help you turn your initial thoughts into reality, whilst standing right beside you until installation day and beyond.


If you prefer a hands off approach, you can download this form to provide us with all the information we need to create you a concept plan. If not, then flick us an email or give us a call and we can set up a consult appointment.


We involve you in the design process to ensure your wants and needs are met, while we work together to achieve the best use of your space to suit your budget. 
After our initial consult we will provide you with a concept for your review. If the concept fits your brief, we will make real life adjustments in our showroom and later, provide you with a quote. If not, we will come up with a different concept, – it’s all about getting it right.


We produce work that is to the highest standard, using decades of skills and up to date technology. Your kitchen will be produced in our purpose built factory here in Riverlands, Blenheim. Specialty benchtops are ordered from Nelson or Christchurch. Your new kitchen will be checked over and signed off before installation day.


We will then continue the experience by ensuring installation goes as smooth as possible. Our team takes pride and ownership in everything we do. An example of this, is we will organise subtrades to make sure everything happens seamlessly. Your only job on install day, is to make sure you’ve booked a restaurant for dinner!